Humor in Real Estate

Humor in Real Estate

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A friend of mine recently wrote on his blog Landfair on Furniture, “Psst! What’s the dish, the dirt, the down low, the buzz? You know the chit chat, the chin music, the scuttlebutt…” He was referring to gardening, but I am referring to finding what’s funny about real estate in the Los Angeles area, particularly Ventura County.

Unless you are an insider, like a realtor, it is hard to get the inside scoop. How for example would you know any school bus stories unless you drove a school bus surrounded by little munchkins every day? For example: Sometimes it’s hard to hear when you are driving.

“Bus Driver Mike, my friend here wants to kiss you!”

“She wants to kiss me?”

“No bus driver Mike, she has a runny nose and she wants a tissue.”

Real estate has its funny stories, too. Many times the house is sold, but the For Sale sign in the front yard has not been removed.

I heard about a couple which were just finishing up a tour with an agent in Laguna Beach, CA, who frankly didn’t show them anything that matched their needs. Maybe in an attempt to redeem himself, he said he had driven by an open house earlier that would be a good fit for them.

So, they arrive and the open house is jam packed. The couple swoons over the house’s architecture, layout and upgrades. They had never seen an open house with such decadent catering and elegantly dressed buyers.  They give their agent thumbs up, “Good job! This might be the one!” As they are piling caviar onto their plates and sipping champagne, a woman who presumably was the listing agent, all of a sudden approaches them.

They gush “This is a lovely home. Please tell the seller we are very impressed,” to which she responds “Um, who are you?”

“We’re here for the open house,” explained the couple.

“This is indeed an open house…. for my friends and family. I am the new owner.”

Embarrassed beyond belief, they put down their plates & slithered out.

Coal to Cash Homebuyers, Inc. loves the real estate industry. We have fun working with our clients and making them happy. Do you have funny stories about real estate? We would love to share them and bring forth some smiles.

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