Moving a Senior Loved One

Moving a Senior Loved One

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Moving a Senior Loved OneWe searched for the right assisted living facility and found the best one in Los Angeles, but It took a string of years for our elderly parents to make a move.  Moving a senior loved one was not easy. Our senior mother recently decided to move from her Oregon home of 35 years to be closer to her children in Los Angeles. It was hard for her to leave the place she once shared with her now-deceased husband for a new state; new home and new friends.

The Senior Living Blog, written by Jeff Andersonsays, “Moving a senior loved one across the country into a new home, or moving both parents into a senior community, can be challenging. Many scenarios require moving a senior loved one from their own home. Their adult children will want to ensure the transition goes smoothly, tending to their health, finances, and logistics.”

Moving a Senior Loved One

There are many reasons for seniors to consider moving; retirement, warmer climates, changes in lifestyle, and health are just a few. Some seniors decide they want to move closer to family members or that they want to move into a smaller home, one that is easier to keep and maintain. Deciding on moving is often the most difficult step in the moving process.

Chris Hawkins at writes, “Moving a senior loved one is overwhelming financially and emotionally, especially for seniors who may be moving for the first time in years. It may be the final move and maybe their final time. The logistics, the money, and the feelings brought out in a move are challenging and stressful.

It is also stressful for the children. They may have to ship the furniture for the smaller new house or senior care facility and sell off assets, including the house. Sometimes the house needs upgrading or rehabbing before selling the house. With families scattered, how do you take care of the logistics of moving a senior loved one into a senior care facility? Many are now looking to senior move managers.

Senior Move Managers

The field of senior move managers is exploding. Eight years ago, the National Association of Senior Move managers had 60 members nationwide. Today, worldwide, they have 1,000 members. Seniors make up 12% of the population, and by 2050 experts estimate the percentage at 19%.

The senior move managers offer a personalized approach to ensuring a successful and pleasant transition into your new home. That includes:

  • Move Planning
  • Floor Plan Design
  • Home Transition Management
  • Staging
  • Services Management
  • Staying at Home
  • Sorting and Organizing
  • Moving
  • Professional Organizing
  • Removing Items
  • Unpacking and Organizing

Besides calling senior move managers, let Coal to Cash Homebuyers, Inc. be on your list of resources to call. If you are in a situation where moving a senior loved one is a big need, you may want to sell the house they lived in fast. Call us. Sometimes there just isn’t time for staging and showing the house. You need to help your parents, and get back to earning a living, taking care of your immediate family.

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CashFlow Chick and Coal to Cash Homebuyers, Inc. are owned by Paige Panzarello. She has been in Real Estate as a Landlord, Builder, and Investor since 1996.

We buy as-is. An investor will estimate the repairs needed to restore your property, arrive at an offer, and will purchase the property as-is.

When we buy houses fast, there are no fees!  We don’t charge you a real estate commission, and we may take care of any other nagging financial problems such as back taxes, code violations, or past due water and sewer bills.

Paige also helps to educate people on the importance of Passive Income, deal evaluation, money management, how to interact with money wisely, and what the heck does a profit and loss and balance sheet look like?

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