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“I have worked hand in hand with Paige over the course of many years on her real estate deals as her escrow officer.    Together we closed dozens and dozens of real estate transactions. I have witnessed firsthand that Paige is a focused and articulate businesswoman, with a great attention to detail.  What makes Paige unique is her very generous heart. Paige displays a compassion for people that translates through to her business dealings. She is fair, yet practical, and refreshingly, she is true to her word.  If Paige says she will do something, she will do it—she will not steer you wrong.  I highly recommend Paige not only as a person, but as a true professional in every sense of the word.“
-Donna I., Pioneer Title Agency


“Paige has been a tremendous frame of reference for professional advice.  I value her compassion, yet unwillingness to compromise her integrity.  It’s a great comfort to know that I don’t have to second guess her intentions and know that she is well-informed and can explain clearly the specifics of the work at hand.  If I have any questions, she goes out of her way to revisit the facts and bring back a clear answer.  I would never hesitate to refer Paige and Coal to Cash Homebuyers, Inc.          to any friends or colleagues because I know she will put their best interests first, and treat them with the professionalism       and personable nature that she has extended to me over the years.  She’s respectful of my time and truly a joy to do      business with!”
-Brigitte F., Pasadena


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